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A street stall in Pyongyang sells fried buns with red bean paste for 1, won — a bit more than 10 U.

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A department store in Pyongyang features a stall where North Koreans can change foreign currency for won at the unofficial rate, and prices throughout the store are listed at the same rate. There are also limits to what North Koreans will admit to, and the idea of a national economy that relies solely on North Koreans, and makes quality products, remains central to their belief system.

North Koreans allowed to be interviewed by the foreign media rarely stray from official lines dictated by the government. Journalists visiting Pyongyang this week have not been permitted to visit unofficial street markets. Factory worker Ri Song Il, 50, said he does not need foreign currency.

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In Peaches was stopped in Oxford Street after staff accused her of trying to leave without paying for a coat. Earlier this year she picked up several items in I Dream Of Wires boutique, run by rocker Pete Voss, but left without paying for one item, eventually claiming she thought it belonged to her friend. By Kate Mansey. Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe See our privacy notice.

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  5. Kayla, otherwise known as Peaches Monroee, is the young woman behind the simple but powerful two words that swept social media and changed the way we describe our eyebrows. Rappers and singers like Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Christina Milian, and more did not hesitate to hop on the train and use her phrase. Her words have been used to advertise and sell music and countless products, and it seems like the only person not profiting from her success is … the creator of the phrase herself. Kayla recently launched a GoFundMe asking for help from the worldwide web to fund her new beauty venture.

    Peach problem: Georgia fruits clobbered again

    My major is nursing. I have a bubbly personality and like to have fun, but I'm also a hard worker. Society is notoriously horrible when it comes to stealing and not giving proper credit. How do you feel about brands, celebrities, and just people in general using your phrase?

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    It showed me they actually do pay attention to young people. I was kind of disappointed when I saw brands taking and using the phrase, but I knew my time would come. TV : Looking back, is there anything you would've done differently in the aftermath of your Vine going viral?