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Due to Acorah's departure, the series was extended.

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

This was the first series in which the team conducted hour investigations over in the USA. Acorah didn't return for the show's finale at Sinai House when David Wells was the main medium. The seventh series began on 1 November yet only ran for six weeks, shortened from an intended nine. Two of the final three episodes at Bamburgh Castle and Chambercombe Manor were broadcast at the end of Series 8 and the last, at Spitbank Fort , was broadcast as special on Boxing Day Series eight began on 27 June with the th investigation and a revisit to Michelham Priory.

It marked the last appearance of Richard Felix as the resident historian. He was not replaced until the tenth series. An investigation of South Stack Lighthouse began the ninth series on 2 January Four episodes into the series, new episodes became known as New Most Haunted in television listings and on-screen. After the first few episodes, Extra was moved to Living2. This was the last series to feature David Wells as a regular medium on the show. The 10th series was given the tagline Midsummer Murders and was an eight-part series where Most Haunted investigators attempted to solve murder mysteries in normal English villages.

It was hosted by Most Haunted historian Lesley Smith. The series commenced on a weekly broadcast from 19 June to 31 July and the team visited in order of broadcast Stoney Middleton, Nantwich, Castleton, Pluckley, Ruthin, Tutbury, Tarvin, and Bakewell. An episode, shot in Lymm Village, saw the team investigate a suspect of Jack the Ripper. This episode was not aired on television. The eleventh series of Most Haunted began on 19 February and came to a close at the end of April. Lesley Smith replaced Richard Felix as the resident historian on the recorded shows and travelled with the team to each location.

The team allegedly picked up the voice and moaning from the old man later in the night. Alternating between series 12 and 13, Living broadcast on an episode from series 12 followed the following week with an episode from Season 13 also known as Most Haunted USA. The series ended on Wednesday 21 July Most Haunted ended in , with the showing of repeats by LivingTV ending in This continued until Following the initial axing by LivingTV, Karl Beattie began a fan campaign to get the show back on the air.

Yvette Fielding returned to the show along with Karl Beattie. Former team members Stuart Torevell and Fred Batt also returned. Yvette Fielding was interviewed on the James Whale Show, discussing the current show and her reasons for not using mediums in the new series of Most Haunted. JWRS Ep. Most Haunted aired its 17th series from June to July Most Haunted aired its 18th series from October to December Most Haunted aired its 19th series from June to September Most Haunted aired its 20th Series from 14 April to 16 June Most Haunted aired its 21st Series from 27 October to 24 November Most Haunted aired its 22nd Series from January to March The series consists of 4 two-part investigations and 2 single part investigations and an " As Live " special as part of one of the two-part investigations [IMDb 8].

Instead of airing the series each week, Really TV aired the whole series of ten consecutive nights from Friday 19 October until Sunday 28 October Karl also confirmed that a former member of the team would be joining them for an investigation and a new team member would be joining them in this series. Most Haunted's 24th series aired on Really from Friday 11 January and ran for 10 episodes.

Shortly after the premiere on Really, the whole series was made available on the channel's on-demand service, UKTV Play. In Most Haunted: Recurring Nightmares , the presenters recall their most frightening visits. The series has also aired in the UK and includes the team's investigation at the famous Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Kentucky.

In January , Most Haunted returned for a spin-off of the live shows.

1. Battery Carriage House Inn, South Battery, Charleston, South Carolina

These episodes differed from the previous live shows in that they were more like a series investigation, but broadcast live. The series was broadcast live every Saturday night and ran for 8 weeks, with each episode lasting two hours. Top Ten Scariest Moments is a part-mini series that consists of 10 minute episodes, that was broadcast on Really and is still available to watch through UKTV Play , Really's on demand service.

The 15 Most Haunted Spots in America

A slightly shortened edit of the episode from which that moment is from is then shown. On several occasions the former Spiritualist medium Derek Acorah was supposedly possessed by an entity, sometimes evil or sometimes "lost and confused".

Two such cases exposed Acorah. Before the filming, Acorah had been fed misinformation twice about the non-existent ghosts of Kreed Kafer and Rik Eedles by the show parapsychologist Dr. During the investigations, later broadcast, Acorah presented the information as fact and even behaved as though being possessed by the fictional ghosts.

Most of these historic sites are open to the public and some even offer ghost tours and investigations. A brief history, photographs and visitor information is included. In addition to the paranormal discussion, a brief history, photographs and detailed visitor information are included in every chapter. Ghost enthusiasts will love reading about all the paranormal activity that has transpired and been well documented at these light stations. Lighthouse and architectural enthusiasts will appreciate reading about these marvelous monuments that include a Victorian mansion light station in the middle of the ocean, the biggest light station complex in the U.

Spooky fun for both the casual reader and the seasoned lighthouse enthusiast. Each lighthouse has a different and unique tale I would recommend it to history buffs, paranormal enthusiasts, and lighthouse lovers everywhere. Tiki Travel. Ed Okonowicz. August Haunted Hudson Valley. Cheri Farnsworth.

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St. Francis Xavier University

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Top 10 Famous Haunted Houses

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Most Haunted - Wikipedia

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