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The parking lot there is a dumping ground for unwanted pet cats, and they keep streaming into his colonies. Basil and Sue tried to attract those cats to a neighboring field, but locals ran them off, too. Now they feed the colony by luring cats through a hole in a fence behind an adjacent fast-food restaurant. Basil shakes his head. Senate Bill received support from scientists and conservationists across the country. The case they made in favor of a ban seemed compelling. Plus, all of this is happening in Hawaii, where 78 percent of extinctions in the U.

Cats do. One woman explained that she lovingly cared for feral cats. Lawmakers killed the legislation. Tom Fowlks. Had it become law, S. On federal and state lands, officials have the authority to euthanize cats that harm wildlife, but with limited resources they target out-of-the-way wilderness areas abundant in high-priority species.

New Evidence Says Owning A Cat May Cause This Later In Life

A lot was at stake. If Kauai got it right, the ordinance might serve as a model for the entire state. I arrived on Kauai as the drafting of the ordinance, a year in the making, was careening toward an uncertain end. Everyone was pissed off, including Basil, the committee member at the center of the escalating vitriol. Before I part ways with him and Sue at the park, he tells me that, despite his best-faith efforts, the ordinance process has been a disaster, and the committee had it in for feral cats from the start.

We will bare our fangs and make life very difficult for them. My side is famous for that. The domestic cat, Felis catus , like all domestic species, has no native geographical range. Cats spread across Europe with the expanding Roman Empire as both pets and mousers, and they reached China via the Silk Road 2, years ago. With the establishment of European trade routes and settlements in the s, cats began crisscrossing the Pacific on rat-infested ships as indispensable crew members. By the s, cats occupied islands throughout the Pacific.

Prolific breeders, with females capable of producing two litters a year—up to six kittens per litter—they quickly metastasized. This global diaspora has exacted a gruesome toll. Felis catus has contributed to 14 percent of modern bird, mammal, and reptile extinctions. In the U.

Meet Bob, The Friendly Golden Retriever, Lives With 8 Birds And A Hamster

Toxoplasmosis has added a scary new dimension, and not just for monk seals. Starting in , with only 12 Hawaiian crows, or alala, left in the wild, scientists released 27 captive-raised birds tagged for satellite tracking in a last-ditch effort to rejuvenate the population. But 21 of them died over the next five years, at least five from toxo. The remaining tagged birds were returned to captivity. The last known wild alala disappeared in To fully appreciate how cats have affected every inch of Hawaii, I spend a day trudging up a ridge through the jungle in a steady drizzle with Andre Raine, the Kauai Endangered Seabird Recovery Project coordinator.

But we arrive at the edge of a 4,foot cliff in the Hono O Na Pali Natural Area Reserve, one of the most inaccessible spots on the island. Equally endangered Hawaiian petrels dig their burrows atop the ridgeline just above these cliffs. We install motion-activated video cameras at several of these holes, giving Raine the ability to monitor bird activity during the upcoming nesting season. Later, in his office, we watch footage from last season. In one video, a gray tabby waltzes up to the camera, sniffs around, then dives into the burrow.

The next night it returns and similarly destroys an adult. In backcountry areas like this, rangers target cats with fast-acting kill traps, or they live-trap and then shoot them in the head methods deemed humane by the American Veterinary Medical Association. They have, on at least Unlike global warming, deforestation, or any of the intractable problems decimating global biodiversity, scientists actually view the feral-cat dilemma as low-hanging fruit, a potentially easy thing to fix that could help wildlife significantly.

There are an estimated , practitioners of TNR in the U. At least municipalities have officially embraced the practice, including big cities such as Jacksonville, Florida, and San Jose, California. PetSmart Charities has given tens of millions to animal-welfare groups, and it has supported workshops on how to lobby local governments to adopt TNR. The message pedaled by this movement can seem enticing to local governments looking to do right by their feral cats. Given that more than 1. Not surprisingly, the council balked. With those legal troubles fresh in their minds, the council members decided to consider more aggressive action.

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Hanson, 59, a gracious and practical woman, quickly found common ground with wildlife advocates on the task force. As it was, she already had philosophical differences with Basil and Sue. For the method to work, to make cat colonies disappear, Hanson felt that all new arrivals abandoned cats, new litters of kittens must be removed permanently. You had to take them to shelters, some of which practice euthanasia. They were stockpiling cats. Everyone else on the Kauai Ferals board voted against. As a result, Hanson quit the organization she had founded. It recommended a goal of zero feral cats on the island by To get there, it advocated a robust, county-operated TNR program with all colonies registered and monitored by certified managers.

New litters and arrivals would be promptly removed for adoption or euthanasia. Registered colonies on private land would need permission from the property owner. After , all colonies would be relocated to private property and then fenced off completely. The recommendations frustrated Scott. He blamed Hanson for capitulating to the wildlife crowd. Scott viewed Hanson as more than just a lousy advocate. In his view, she was one of the worst things a person can be—a cat murderer. After Hanson left the organization, Scott alleges that, out of spite, she trapped five cats from one of the colonies she was managing and brought them to the Kauai Humane Society, where four were euthanized.

I am not going down that hole with them. But he wants to show me something, so he keeps it in first gear as we hoof it south from the Kapaa public library along an ocean-side trail. Scott stops briefly at a putting green.

Does Being a Cat Lady Really Make You Crazy?

Not in those holes. The map indicates that most of Kauai is sensitive bird habitat, a notion that Scott finds preposterous. I'm at risk for the law; I'm at risk for my health; I know I'm doing a good thing but I think it's a little too much now," she said. I guess it's almost like if you were maybe sticking your head in a litterbox, I mean it's very, very overwhelming. But you get used to it very quickly. Callan-Jones likens Diane's devotion to cats to an addiction.

Even Diane herself says, "I have to stop; I need to solve this, I can't live like this. It saves the cats but it doesn't save me. And she yearns for the life she had before becoming addicted to "cat rescue. Callan-Jones described a moment in the film when Diane listens to a message from her nephews. I resent what I'm doing. Sometimes I go out there and don't want to come back here.

Since the documentary finished shooting, Diane bought a house in the countryside. But the day before she was to move all her cats into the home, someone told her that there were bylaws that limited the number of cats one could have. So Diane says she was forced to put the new house up for sale and is still in the same home. Diane says she doesn't get much sleep because she spends her nights trapping stray cats. She wants to find another house and is thinking about moving to Calgary, where the government is more cat-friendly, she said.

She wishes there was more access to low-cost health care for cats, including vets who would donate their time to spaying and neutering. It would make her life and all cat rescuers' lives a lot easier, she said. The film ultimately explores this intense relationship between women and cats. Vargas noticed that for some of the women, that relationship was beyond simple devotion and love. In the end, the filmmakers hope that the audience won't think these women are "crazy. All rights reserved. Chocolate Box Entertainment. Three Cats. CBP probes Facebook group mocking lawmakers as they blast immigrant treatment.

Oregon governor ready to take lead on divisive climate plan. Family of 4 among 10 killed in fiery plane crash. Body of stowaway believed to have fallen from airplane found in London garden.

Silent Scream For Help

US accuses Russia of denying medical access to ex-Marine held as spy. Floating Antarctic ice goes from record high to record lows. Family: Woman dies from flesh-eating disease in Florida. Mom who tried to kill baby held in his death 12 years later. Mail delivery to Kentucky street suspended over dog attacks.

Could Democrats' support for federally mandated busing hurt their chances in ? Hunter Biden tackles cocaine use and alleged business conflicts in magazine interview. Madi 1 year ago Even the baby. They're fun And A Cat. Neeraj Jha 1 year ago Took some time to notice. Elida Abadie. Clare McDuff 1 year ago We are unimpressed.

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