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36 states, D.C., have expanded Medicaid

During the workshop, over 20 presentations examined topics including critical areas of durability, available aging data, durability assessment methods, and durability design. Each presentation concluded by looking at areas in need of further research.

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Workshop participants were then divided into four working groups for focused brainstorming discussions. Each group discussed and examined a specific topic, including internal and external reinforcements; shapes; test methods; and material degradation and life prediction models. The workshop presenters then asked each group to come to an understanding of the currently available research for its topic, identify specific issues that are hindering implementation, consider current research gaps and funding sources, and identify which research projects would have the most immediate impact.

The research needs from all groups were then integrated and prioritized in terms of their importance and impact on composites infrastructure.

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Workshop participants identified four overall research topics that were considered to be high priority. It was noted a multiscale approach is needed for characterizing and developing a better understanding of the mechanisms of bond and bond degradation caused by moisture. Participants also suggested a focus on interface characterization, moisture effects, and static and cyclic fatigue.

Participants also suggested there should be standardization of basic durability and fire test methods. Additional focus areas included researching interactions between stress, temperature, and chemicals. The manufacturing process was also identified for further research to better understand the constituent materials and effect on long-term performance.

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The author of the best-selling Driving Mr. Writers, composers, painters, choreographers, playwrights, philosophers, caricaturists, comedians, poets, sculptors and scientists consider how they work in letters, diaries and interviews compiled and edited by Mason Currey. The story of the making of The Mary Tyler Moore Show offers insight into how the show reflected changing American perspectives and was the first situation comedy to employ numerous women as writers and producers.

After leaving Sarajevo on an art fellowship to the United States, Aleksandar Hemon found himself blocked from his homeland by the Bosnian War. I love the way a series of seemingly unconnected pieces — why he loves Chicago, the story of his sick child — can come together to form a memoir. Oh, and the writing is just beautiful; did I mention that?

EEOC Files Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Chenmed, LLC And PMR Virginia Holding, LLC

A new face in the growing sustainable agriculture movement, Pritchard took over the family farm after finishing college, but as an English major, he had to learn his adopted trade the hard way. Run, Brother, Run by David Berg. How did that happen? The details he pieces together are eye-opening for him—and for us. This riveting tale of beating the odds and the Germans at the Olympics is a rousing story of American can-do-ism. S73 S36 Math On Trial is a study of mostly criminal cases where flaws in mathematical, statistical and probability calculations and their analyses led judges and juries to incorrect findings of guilt or innocence.

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I will not attempt to explain the math problems solutions as the authors do so very thoroughly and understandably in the book. Amanda Knox is an American who was studying in the Italian town of Perugia and living with roommates including British student Meredith Kercher. When Meredith was viciously abused and murdered, the two went from witnesses to suspects and were eventually convicted of the murder.

On appeal, her attorneys questioned the validity of the DNA testing.

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  • EEOC Files Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Chenmed, LLC And PMR Virginia Holding, LLC.
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  • The appeal judge accepted their faulty reasoning. He also refused the prosecution request for a second test to confirm the DNA matching believing in error that a second test would add no new evidence nor confirm the first test. Not so common was her interracial marriage to a black man. For example, factoring in a hairstyle as a probability is absurd since a hairstyle may be altered instantaneously and at will. And yet that is what the prosecution did along with using numerous other dubious probabilities. The husband decided to appeal and had the great good fortune of having a judge whose law clerk was Laurence Tribe.

    The judgment was reversed and Malcolm Collins free to join his wife who by then had finished her sentence. Collins, 68 Cal. He concluded that mathematics cannot replace the intuitive approach that must be taken by juries in evaluating evidence, that the two approaches cannot properly be combined and that the dangers of the misapplication, misunderstanding and the psychological threat of the accepted superiority of math to the jury found in the kinds of cases he saw throughout his career and studied in this later book are too profound to be allowed in the courtroom.

    His influence held sway for many years but recently with the increase of DNA evidence, there has been increasing use of probability theory in other situations as well.

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    • A few are already in theaters and others will soon be out. Before Midnight is the third film about the relationship of Celine and Jesse. The first film, Before Sunrise , describes their meeting on a train from Budapest to Paris. Nine years later, they meet again in Paris in Before Sunset. Now we see them after another nine year interval and learn about their lives while they are summering in Messina, Greece.

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      The dialog is very bright and well-written. Jump to navigation. In his speech to the 95th Disabled American Veterans DAV National Convention, the President will make clear that this commitment is a national responsibility and a promise that cannot be broken, and that the U. This is not a responsibility that can be shirked by offering empty words belied by policies that would leave veterans to fend for themselves.

      The President will review the hard, persistent work that the Administration has done to keep this promise. From delivering more health care than ever before, to providing veterans the benefits they have earned in a timely way, to expanding cutting edge research in areas like Post-Traumatic Stress PTS and Traumatic Brain Injury TBI , to helping veterans get the education and jobs they need to succeed, the Administration has an indisputable record of support for our veterans. An essential part of this commitment is ensuring veterans receive the health care they need, when they need it.

      VA continues to make progress in this effort, increasing access to care and ensuring veterans are satisfied with their care. Over the past year, VA has served a historic number of veterans, completing nearly 58 million appointments, almost 5 million more than the year before. But there is still more work to be done, and VA continues to execute on a number of strategies to increase access to care:.

      The Administration has also prioritized steps to improve mental health care for veterans. Building on an Executive Order issued in , a series of additional actions announced by the President in , and the signing of the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act, we have made significant progress in this effort. But our work is not done. The VA recently announced a new commitment to provide same-day services for all veterans with urgent mental health care needs by the end of this year.

      At the same time that we are caring for veterans today, we continue to invest in research to develop the next generation of medical care.

      FOR-DMD Study Webinar (April 2015)

      By enrolling in MVP, participants donate their health information to help researchers and health professionals better understand health and disease and pave the way for future discoveries that will benefit us all. Tomorrow, the President will announce that , veterans have now enrolled in MVP, bringing us halfway to our goal of a million veterans. We have taken dramatic steps to make sure that veterans get an answer on their disability compensation claims in a timely and efficient manner and get the benefits they deserve and have earned.

      Three and a half years ago, nearly , disability claims were stuck in a backlog waiting for longer than days, and the VA did not have the capacity to keep up with an increasing number of claims. Veterans were left languishing for far too long. But by transforming internal processes and putting in place a new electronic system to move beyond the archaic paper-based system that was in place, VA has made extraordinary progress. Last year, VA set a new record high by processing 1.

      And veterans with a pending claim are waiting less than a third as long as they used to for a decision — 90 days today, down from days in March At the same time, as the VA continues to process more initial disability compensation claims, a greater number of veterans are getting stuck in a broken appeals process.

      When veterans appeal their claim decision, they should be able to get an answer back — with a clear and direct path forward to resolution — within a year.