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Horses and mules dropped down dead, exhausted with the effort to move their loads through the hideous medium.

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Soldiers also believed that weather could damage physical well-being. Charles Wright Wills, a soldier from Illinois, explained how weather ravaged his regiment's health while they were stationed near Corinth, Mississippi. It was midsummer, gangrene and erysipelas [a skin infection] attacked the wounded, and those who might have been cured of their wounds were cut down by diseases.

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While exposure to the elements wearied almost every soldier at some point in his career, prisoners of war perhaps had it worst. At Andersonville in Georgia and at other prison camps, men erected crude shebangs, or scrap shelters, in an attempt to shield themselves from the rain and heat, yet they found little relief in their exposed pens. Most of the men had but rags to protect their skin from the elements, and many died of diseases related to exposure. Civilians also took an intense interest in recording the daily weather during the Civil War, whether as a farm log or simply as a topic of interest.

Certain civilian weather measurements have remained very useful for scholars of the Civil War. Perhaps best known, thanks to Robert K.

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Mckee's also spelled Mackee dutiful recordings at Georgetown taken every day of the war, with few exceptions, at seven o'clock in the morning, two o'clock in the afternoon, and nine o'clock at night. Weather records from the war were collected by the Smithsonian Institute and Army Signal Service until the creation of the Weather Bureau in What began as a snowball fray between lower ranks in the Confederate Army of Tennessee eventually drew in entire regiments, and officers ordered their men into action against their comrades.

Though some of the soldiers suffered eye injuries, Confederate general Joseph E. Johnston took the "battle" as a sign of high morale in his troops. One survivor, Francis Butts, wrote of the incident, "The weather was heavy with dark, stormy-looking clouds and a westerly wind. We passed out of the Roads and rounded Cape Henry … when the wind shifted to the south-south-west and increased to a gale … The sea rolled over us as if our vessel were a rock in the ocean only a few inches above the water.

Meier, K. Weather during the Civil War. In Encyclopedia Virginia. Meier, Kathryn Shively. Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, 27 Oct. Thank you!

Weather during the Civil War

Thanks to your advocacy efforts on our behalf, we're happy to report that the recently passed Omnibus Spending Bill includes a very small increase in funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities! While our work is not over with regards to the upcoming budget to be passed in the fall, the Omnibus Spending Bill represents an endorsement of the important work that the humanities do for our communities.

These funds will continue to support our work of providing free access to authoritative content about Virginia's history and culture. Weather in the Mid-Nineteenth Century Meteorologically, the Civil War took place at the tail end of what is often termed the Little Ice Age , a period of general cooling and unpredictability that most scholars date from roughly to Time Line - Many scholars agree that this date marks the end of the meteorological period known as the Little Ice Age; a time of general warming follows.

McClellan continually complains that he cannot advance to Richmond because of rainy weather and flooded rivers, among other impediments. September 1, - Confederate general Thomas J. January 20—22, - Union general Ambrose E. It had a hexagonal structure, like a snowflake. Bernard found that if you sprayed it into a cloud, it would trick the cloud into glaciating. GE was, understandably, very proud of their discovery, and issued a press release touting their ability to control the weather. But shortly after claiming responsibility for a storm that caused eight inches of snowfall in upstate New York, GE realized they might not want to be known for controlling the weather.

Their lawyers advised them to ease off the publicity push.

When the U.S. Government Tried to Make It Rain by Exploding Dynamite in the Sky

Given the risk of negative public reaction and liability, weather modification research continued quietly. Scientists explored how it could be applied to hurricane intervention and drought relief — and, of course, warfare. Langmuir himself was excited about the military applications of his research, as were some political leaders. With nuclear weapons now in play, the U. And he who controls the weather will control the world.

Rain Dances to Cloud Seeding

Operation Popeye was a Navy program with missions flown by Air Force pilots who were given limited information about what exactly they were doing. They contributed to the 2, cloud seeding missions flown during Operation Popeye. Operation Popeye had four main objectives: to turn the roads to mud, to cause landslides along roadways, to wash out river crossings, and to keep roads muddier for longer than usual. But cloud seeding at the utime, and even today, is far from an exact science. At best , the military could measure three things: what the average rainfall for that area was, what the estimated rainfall would have been, and what actually fell after a seeding mission.

And even if the U. One official described accidentally dumping a ton of rain on an American Special Forces camp. Nevertheless, Operation Popeye was deemed effective enough to continue for five years, from to Weather modification — especially in the context of war — raises a lot of thorny questions. The military justified their approach in Vietnam in part by arguing that increasing rainfall to create mud and wash out roads was preferable to more bombing.

But the reality is the U. To this day, the government of Laos is still cleaning up all the undetonated bombs scattered across the country. So the tonnage of bombs dropped was enormous. There are, for instance, documented cases in which weather modification may have caused harm. Nevertheless, cloud seeding has been associated with other problems. But instead the hurricane changed trajectory, became stronger, and hit the Georgia coast.

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One death was reported as a result of the hurricane. And in , the British Royal Air Force was conducting cloud seeding tests in Lynmouth, England, which may have accidentally triggered a devastating flood that killed 35 people. Ethical concerns ultimately helped end the U. In Jack Anderson, a reporter for the Washington Post, published an article revealing that the U. This report was corroborated by information leaked in the Pentagon Papers.

These reports caught the eye of a democratic senator from Rhode Island named Claiborne Pell who demanded details of the secret operation be declassified and released to the public. Because of his insight into the operation, Lt. Soyster told them everything he knew. But the timing of these public revelations did not work out well for the Department of Defense. By , the environmental movement in America was in full swing, and the Nixon administration was dealing with the early stages of the Watergate scandal. When it came out that the U. Get A Copy. Paperback , First Edition , pages.

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