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Light is often associated with wisdom. People who are spiritually enlightened have the wisdom to choose truth over deception in their everyday lives. A system of angel colors , which corresponds to different colored light rays in the electromagnetic spectrum, matches angels whose energy vibrates at certain frequencies to light rays that vibrate at those same frequencies. Some people seeking wisdom and help from the angels about different issues in their lives use it to connect with angels specializing in different types of missions.

Just as light reflects off mirrors to help people see themselves, faithful people can engage in spiritual reflection to see the state of their souls, motivating them to seek more spiritual wisdom.

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The process of God giving wisdom to those who seek it is a miraculous one since it changes people for the better in profound ways. Light is also a spiritual symbol of hope. Believers gain confidence from knowing that letting their light of faith shine in a dark world can bring about real change for the better in their lives.

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The faithful often light candles when praying for hope to create change in situations that seem hopeless. Several major religious holidays use light to celebrate the power of spiritual hope.

Angel U Let There Be Light by David Robbins

On Christmas , Christians decorate with electric lights to symbolize Jesus Christ as the light of the world, the savior. During Diwali, Hindus celebrate the hope of spiritual victories through fireworks displays and candles.

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The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah celebrates the hope that the Jewish people derived from the ancient Hanukkah miracle of lights. Light overpowers darkness in the physical realm since the photons in light can dispel darkness, but darkness cannot dispel light.

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This principle can be seen simply by entering a dark room and turning on a flashlight there. This same principle applies spiritually, as the light of hope is always stronger than the darkness of discouragement and despair. God often assigns angels to work on missions of hope that help people in need and the results may be miraculous.

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